Le dernier scandale est arrivé car le premier ministre @francoislegault a bloqué le journaliste @aardon_derfel sur twitter, affirmant que ce dernier le taggait beaucoup trop souvent:

@Paul_Laurier a eu la superbe idée de regarder les données pour voir de quoi il en était.

Dans ce post, je m’intéresse aussi au nombre de mentions avant de faire un petit peu de “sentiment analysis” pour s’amuser un peu.

disclaimer: c’est pas fait pour se prendre au sérieux ce truc. aussi, c’est pas mal mon premier NLP (natural language processing), donc on va y aller avec la base.
code disponible sur github, comme d’habitude.

Le journaliste a bien mentionné le premier ministre près de 5 fois par jour depuis le 1er avril avec un pic à 45 mentions en une seule journée.

C’est cependant le Dr Alain Vadeboncoeur qui remporte la palme pour le nombre de mention en une seule journée, avec 60 mentions.

Un peu de NLP

Voici les mots les plus utilisés par Aaron Derfel, ainsi qu’un wordcloud parce que c’est la mode.

Un peu de sentiment analysis

Mais qu’a-t-il dit lors de cette journée si positive?

date status_id sentiment_tweet negative positive text
2020-05-18 1262172975727509507 -1 1 0 @rstjac1032 @mtlgazette You’re welcome, Renée. Please try not to worry about your father, especially given that he is in a well-run CHSLD in la capitale. As you know, Montreal is the epicenter of the #pandemic.
2020-05-18 1262178977432645632 0 1 1 @fauchonmathieu I’m not that yummy, Savage, but I do take it as a compliment.
2020-05-18 1262440637250535424 -1 1 0 @JudithSeidman @mtlgazette You’re welcome, Senator. Will keep working hard on this story.
2020-05-18 1262517281772503041 1 0 1 Premier @francoislegault announced Monday that most retail stores will reopen in Montreal next Monday, after all. In this thread, I will try to explain some of the logistical challenges ahead as the city reported its lowest single-day increase in #COVID deaths in four weeks.
2020-05-18 1262517494109155328 0 1 1 Health Minister Danielle McCann said hospitals will run their operating rooms longer, including on weekends. But that will be easier said than done, given the shortage of personnel and the fact that many nurses are still on loan to long-term care centres (CHSLDs).
2020-05-18 1262517764314607617 1 1 2 At the same time, some hospitals and CHSLDs are still susceptible to #COVID outbreaks, as I pointed out in my thread last night about the Maimonides Geriatric Centre in Côte-Saint-Luc. And as the weather improves, #SocialDistancing in Montreal parks will be harder to maintain.
2020-05-18 1262517987116027904 2 1 3 The Premier will be under pressure to reopen houses of worship, where again, #PhysicalDistancing will be difficult to enforce. He sounded enthusiastic about opening summer camps, where children and teens will be eager to play together.
2020-05-18 1262518162593140737 2 1 3 Legault said he’s also in favor of a smartphone app to trace contacts of #COVID19 patients. But Alberta’s experience and those in some U.S. states show the apps are terribly glitchy and need lots of users to be effective. Can this work in Montreal’s low-income hot spots?
2020-05-18 1262518521440940040 0 2 2 Undoubtedly, progress is being made in the #pandemic. For several days now, the number of #COVID hospitalizations across Quebec has remained stable, in the high 1,700s. The initial fear that Montreal’s intensive-care units would be swamped by patients never materialized.
2020-05-18 1262518983296770058 1 0 1 Although Montreal crossed the 22,000 #COVID milestone Monday, the orange line in the chart below reveals a modest decrease in new cases despite more tests. Still, I caution against relying too much on this metric, as a resurgence is expected with the ramp-up in screening.
2020-05-18 1262519230009933830 1 0 1 It’s the dramatic drop in #COVID deaths that is heartening. The epicenter of Canada’s #pandemic declared 20 new deaths, of which probably only a handful occurred on Sunday — with the others likely being added to the tally from previous days.
2020-05-18 1262519400604852231 -5 5 0 But the mortality drop is also disturbing, as it suggests #COVID19 has torn through the CHSLDs. Also of concern is these places are not only still vulnerable to outbreaks, but act as #coronavirus incubators, placing at risk of infection those visiting and working in them.
2020-05-18 1262519771041607686 1 0 1 And although #COVID cases are stable in about six Montreal neighborhoods, there are an equal number that are observing new daily cases in the double digits, with the biggest increases occurring in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonnueve for at least three days in a row.
2020-05-18 1262519895977275392 1 1 2 All this points to a delicate balancing act for authorities: containing #COVID outbreaks, ramping up delayed surgeries, reopening stores while preventing what has already occurred in other jurisdictions: a second wave, the subject of tomorrow’s thread. Stay safe, everyone.
2020-05-18 1262522402619232256 1 0 1 @clauderivest @francoislegault I love it!!!!
2020-05-18 1262524319265173506 1 0 1 @anniemdupuis @francoislegault Good question. There are some excellent epidemiologists and physicians writing daily threads about Ontario, but I don’t know whether a journalist is doing this for Toronto.
2020-05-18 1262524602640666632 1 0 1 @RousseauMC Excellent points from a surgeon in the field.

Quel est le tweet le plus négatif ?

Le graphique ci-bas montre l’évolution de 10 sentiments dans les tweet de Aaron. Il semble plus positif et moins ressentir de peur depuis quelques jours. hourra :)

that’s it folks.